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Nickel Plating

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Nickel Plating including the process electroplating that often was used in this world. Nickel Plating could be used directly for the iron base. While for the base zinc, Nickel Plating was done after the Copper Plating process.

For the Aluminium base, Nickel Plating could be done after the Zincate process or Tin Immersion process, that also could be helped with the process copper plating or Bronze Plating.

Plating on Aluminium was used in the production of the computer. component like the storage disk in the hard disk. Also for motorparts like chrome wheel, or for the production coin.

To increase rust resistance and abrasion resistance from Nickel Plating, was carried out by the chrome plating process as the top layer.

Nickel-chrome Plating

The kinds of Nickel Plating proses :
- Bright Nickel Plating.
- Semi Bright Nickel Plating.
- Hard Nickel Plating.
- Nickel Strike.
- Black Nickel Plating.
- Pearl Nickel plating (Satin Nickel Plating).

Nickel Plating used the Nickel anode like Nickel Plate, Nickel Square, or Nickel Crown.

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