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Chrome Plating

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Chrome Plating is the process of coating materials with a thin layer chrome using electric current.

Chrome plating process for decorative chrome plating was to use chromic acid solution or also called hexavalent chrome plating.

Because the waste water for hexavalent chrome plating is difficult treatment, it is very dangerous for the environment.

As the alternative is trivalent chrome plating process. Trivalent chrome plating process more difficult  and more expensive  costs, But the more environmentally friendly waste.

Catalyst of hexavalent chrome plating usually consists of salt silicofluoride. Because Fluoride is very dangerous to health and the environment, we recommend using the free fluoride catalyst, and is available at this time.

As minimize the odor from the chrome plating is used surfactan. The type of surfactan is nonionik surfactan, and resistant to oxidation material.

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