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Polishing is a process for preparing the materials to be processed plating. Polishing process depends on the type and form of material to be processed.

Most of the material to be processed plating made of the metal. Polishing for metal can be done either by manually or automatically. Manual or automatic polishing using  electrical motor driving to rotate the polish wheels.

Manual Polishing tool requires a more simple and cheap, but the resulting product a little more uneven and the quality of the average, depending on the workers. Manual  Polishing more flexible on the shape and quality of the materials you want done.

If you want materials done the same form and in large numbers, you should use the automated polishing, such as straight pipes, rim bicycle or motorcycle.

Polishing   use  abrasive material  like aluminium oxide (fused Alumina), silica oxide, diatomic earth, copper slag, and iron oxide.  Abrasive  material  to be placed to polishing wheel with special glue like Bond glue or Coldax cement. Polishing can also use a buffing wheel made of abrasive paper to be a wheel with a resin.

Abrasive materials using mesh size as the standard. Mesh range depending on the standard of each country.  Larger mesh size, the size particle  of abrasive material more fine.

For  finish polishing use of buffing compound.  In use buffing compound be distinguished with color. White buffing compound used for brass, red buffing compound used for the aluminum, and green buffing compound used for iron or stainless steel.

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